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L.C.P is an artistic ensemble composed of authors, performers and technicians, all working closely together.

The activities of the lab members range from the contemporary music field, visual arts, research in new technologies and theatre. The works of the Laboratorio Creativo Permanente are multimedia narratives in which different art forms are developed within the same creative process.

L.C.P. monitors every step of production from conception to the development of interactive technologies and tools for live performance. The shows produced by L.C.P. are intended for a mixed audience.

The kid is independent.
Known for its stubbornness, it climbs the steepest slopes. It has a refined vocation for the essential.
It follows unexplored paths and makes its home wherever it ends up. The kid is global.
Finally, the kid is naughty and makes up its own mind.

The Zone

New Ghetto Songs

Psicosusina Turboaccelerata



Mande Djara

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