bacas is honored to host daniele del monaco as guest composer, in new york for the completion of the recording sessions at the renowned bc studio. del monaco’s first worked with bacas in-residence premiering his creation psychoplum at the castello macchiaroli in teggiano, during the launch in 2018, where he was joined by marco cappelli, ken filiano and satoshi takeishi.

La rencontre des trois artistes a généré des sonorités surprenantes articulées entre des éléments contemplatifs et une dimension épique ; une forme pouvant se situer entre improvisation libre et composition collective.

C’est une musique intime, parfois pleine de lyrisme, mais aussi rugueuse avec des tons austères.

Sixteen Camels is a New York-based band leaded by the italian composer and keyboard player Daniele Del Monaco.The project started out from the collaboration between Del Monaco and Marco Cappelli, Ken Filiano and Satoshi Takeishi. Fay Victor completes the band as as lead vocal and front-woman.

Satoshi Takeishi, drummer, percussionist, and arranger is a native of Mito, Japan. While at Berklee he developed an interest in the music of South America and went to live in Colombia following the invitation of a friend. He spent four years there and forged many musical and personal relationships. His interest expanded to the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East where he studied and performed with Armenian-American oud master Joe Zeytoonian. Since moving to New York in 1991 he has performed and recorded in vast variety of genre, from world music, jazz, contemporary classical music to experimental electronic music.