Alípio Carvalho Neto

Alípio C Neto was born in Floresta, “Sertão” of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Alípio Carvalho Neto initiated his musical studies in the Music School of Brasília (EMB). He received his degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Music History, Science and Techniques from the University of Rome 2 “Tor Vergata”. Saxophonist, poet and essayist, he has a Master Degree in Literary Theory. He moved in 1997 to Portugal where he was awarded a scholarship by the Cultural Institute of Macao and the Ministry of Culture of Brazil (Bolsa Virtuose) to research in the areas of music and literature, with deepening in the Chinese and the Arabic poetics at the University of Évora.

Alípio has released numerous albums as a leader or co-leader and many as a sideman that were highly acclaimed by international audiences and critics. He is an active performer, composer, improviser, educator and researcher dedicated to Interdisciplinary Music Studies. He collaborates with various intermedia projects and interdisciplinary performers (contemporary and electronic music ensembles, free music, avant-garde jazz, theatre, visual artists etc.).

Alípio pays special attention to aesthetics of music and he is constantly involved in intellectual exchange on art, philosophy, religion, sociology, anthropology, science and technology.

“Neto, sax soprano e tenore, rilegge magnificamente, con delicatezza, la storia del jazz post-free.

Mario Gamba, il manifesto

“He’s a hugely intelligent, literate man and his music has a surpassing thoughtfulness underneath the sometimes jagged and anguished exterior. A Brazilian from Pernambuco, the feel of the arid sertão is a constant presence in these windswept compositions.”

Brian Morton, WIRE

“When Neto finally solos, he’s a radical melodist, creating a continuum of abrasions and graces, building from great low blasts through sudden upper-range skitters and hollow-voiced mid-range lines. Like the first, each of Neto’s compositions contain multiple themes that are welded together by the ensemble, often creating a feeling suspended between through-composition and collective improvisation. Clearly every player here is engaged by Neto’s intensity of purpose.”

Stuart Broomer, Signal to Noise

“La présence et la sonorité du saxophoniste Alípio C Neto évoque avec une certaine coïncidence au soprano et au ténor, le légendaire Charles Brackeen, compagnon de Dennis Gonzalez dans les années ’80 et aujourd’hui disparu. Le même Charles Brackeen avait enregistré le fabuleux disque «Dance» (Paul Motian Trio ECM 1977 avec le bassiste David Izenson).”

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Improjazz